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Thatch-safe AttixFighting thatch fires is difficult. 

Active fire protection in the loft space works well and slows progression of a fire. 

Thatch properties are unique and this solution is bespoke.


attix2 gives Peace of Mind if a problem should occur:

  • Immediate warning of a fire  - alarm
  • Suppression  of the fire within the loft space.
  • Gives time to vacate the property.
  • Gives time for fire brigade to get there and deal with the source of the fire.

  • attix2  is installed with a robust linear heat sensor at relevant areas e.g. round the chimney and along the underside of the ridge.
  •   Stat-xtechnology is used by NASA, military, marine and is approved worldwide.
  • Fights fire by chemical interference when activated.  Particulate stays in suspension in the air filling the void.  
  • Totally environmentally friendly.
  • Easy and fast to install.  
  • Has a 20 year service life.
  • Automatic or manual activation - control panel can also link to other monitoring systems.
  • No water, no mess to clear up no damage to property.
  • Excellent system for Listed Buildings.
  • Installed and maintained by Fire Protection Specialists to ISO standards.


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