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Thatch Fire Protection Products


SMF Crouch and Co. offer several specialist Thatch Fire Protection Products.  Thatched properties are all different and have different risks and requirements.  We are happy to help you understand the options for your individual property.  Please contact us - we are happy to talk to you.

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Magma Firestop Fire Retardant Spray goes on the external or internal surface of thatch.  

  • “A” rating for spread of flame
  • Proven and tested throughout Europe
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No detrimental effect to thatch
  • Insurance premium reductions
  • Proven on Grand Designs Live


The building regulation for new thatched roofs is paragraph 10.9 of B4, which refers to rafters being overdrawn with a construction having not less than 30 minutes fire resistance.  This is for properties within 12 metres of a boundary.  The Dorset Model advocate use of a solid board.

We offer THATCH-SAFEŽ FireboardDM

  • 1 hour+ Fireboard PSB, GB8624
  • Non Combustible
  • Environmentally friendly magnesium oxide board
  • Tested at Exova, Warrington


  It is not always possible to apply a fire barrier to your rafters under the thatch.  This discrete installation protects from the loft space.
  • Fire alarm & suppressant system in one
  • Bespoke Solution tailored to your property
  • Linear heat sensors in loft space risk areas
  • New Stat-X technology used by NASA
  • Suppresses fire with particulate and leaves no mess (unlike water)

  This 20mm insulating fire barrier has been
especially designed for use with thatch and meets B4 building regulations.

  • LABC System Approval:
       Certificate No. 422-12-7177
  • Light and easy to install
  • Micro-porous (allows thatch to breathe)
  • Flexible - great fit for old or undulating roofs and eyebrow windows


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